PreQual Express

A low-cost, easy-to-use tool that with a few pieces of data lets borrowers create and email a prequalification letter with a copy to their loan officer and/or realtor in 5 minutes or less.

PreQual Express is a unique, state-of-the-art digital experience that is available alone or with our Digital Mortgage Platform to accelerate the home-buying process. Completely customizable with contact information for your loan originators who can share the link with potential customers, realtors and past contacts. Powered by a soft credit pull and basic calculations that follow jumbo, conventional and FHA fixed underwriting guidelines according to your programs.

It's Fast

The borrower can follow the simple instructions and answer a few questions, and after a soft credit pull and automatic calculations, a prequal letter is emailed to them, their loan originator and/or realtor in 5 minutes or less.

Fast Pre-Qualification
Pre-Qualification Letter

It's Easy

If a borrower already knows they would like to change the amount of their down payment, they only need to return to the tool, change the amount and then re-issue the letter with the correct totals.

Pre-Qualification Letter

It's Convenient

Say a borrower wants to make an offer on a home and their loan originator is unavailable. With a few clicks, they can create the letter to submit with that offer to purchase, and avoid losing out on the home of their dreams.

Pre Qualification Solutions
Couple with Mortgage Broker

It's Cost Effective

For a low setup fee and monthly rate for each URL created, your Loan Officers can generate more leads and make more loans while building relationships with realtors and borrowers.

Couple with Mortgage Broker